Monday, August 24, 2009

2.8.0.CR1 released

I just released 2.8.0.CR1, it can be downloaded from SourceForge (binary and source).

This version is pretty stable, and I expect a GA soon. The only open issues are currently a few IPv6 related issues and an issue which fixes spurious merges.

The release notes are here.


Monday, August 17, 2009

2.6.12.GA released

Just uploaded to SourceForge, the JIRA issues are at

In a nutshell, 2.6.12 contains only 4 issues:
  • GossipRouter consumed 40% CPU without doing anything: fixed
  • S3_PING is a new file-basedx discovery protocol for running JGroups on EC2 / S3
  • There was a memory leak in the GMS protocol on high member churn (high rate of joins and leaves)
  • FLUSH could lock up the entire cluster when the initial flush phase ran into a timeout. Thanks to Rado and Brian for discovering this bug by adding all weird combination of failure scenarios to their merciless tests... :-) And kudos to Vladimir for investigating the (60MB !) logs, finding the offending code and fixing it, all within 60 minutes !
2.6.12.GA can be downloaded from SourceForge in binary and source versions.