Monday, August 17, 2009

2.6.12.GA released

Just uploaded to SourceForge, the JIRA issues are at

In a nutshell, 2.6.12 contains only 4 issues:
  • GossipRouter consumed 40% CPU without doing anything: fixed
  • S3_PING is a new file-basedx discovery protocol for running JGroups on EC2 / S3
  • There was a memory leak in the GMS protocol on high member churn (high rate of joins and leaves)
  • FLUSH could lock up the entire cluster when the initial flush phase ran into a timeout. Thanks to Rado and Brian for discovering this bug by adding all weird combination of failure scenarios to their merciless tests... :-) And kudos to Vladimir for investigating the (60MB !) logs, finding the offending code and fixing it, all within 60 minutes !
2.6.12.GA can be downloaded from SourceForge in binary and source versions.



  1. Very cool! thanks a lot I'm going to try the S3 based discovery protocol.
    See you at JBossWorld

  2. Great, let me know how it works. I had an issue [1] with it, which I'll look at in 2.9.

    Yes, cu at JBossWorld !

    [1] JGRP-1023