Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Tour de France

From July 10th - 18th, I'll be on my own Tour De France: from Nice (France) back to my home town of Kreuzlingen (Switzerland).

I'm flying to Nice this Friday (July 10th), and then bike (= bicycle) back, over some of the highest passes in Europe, e.g. Restefond-Bonnette (2802m, the highest pass in Europe), Iseran (the 2nd highest), Isoard, Cenis, Vars, Pt. St. Bernhard, Gr. St. Bernhard, Furka, etc...

Google says this tour is ca 1000 kilometers and my guess is this will be over 20'000m of climbing (if anyone knows who to measure the total climbing in Google Earth, please let me know !).

Last year I biked a similar tour, from Graz (Austria) back home, but that tour was shorter (850km) and the mountains lower...

I (hope to !) be back on the 20th :-)

Answering questions, bug fixing and all such stuff will be suspended during this time !


  1. amazing tour have a great time! I will spend the winter watching tour de france & train for the Andes Mountains in January, that can always be a good excuse to come to south america and at the same time visit some jbug's here..

    have fun!
    Alejandro Montenegro

  2. Thanks, I suspect this *will* indeed be fun :-)

  3. Put the nokia sportstracker app on your RedHat phone, it will show you all the overviews like this one I did in belgium. http://bit.ly/15gYlm

    Good luck from a fellow cyclist and RedHat'er!

  4. Cool stuff ! I also created my route, on bikemap.net: http://www.bikemap.net/route/237838.

    Thanks !