Thursday, August 06, 2020

JGroups 5.0.0.Final released

I'm happy to announce that JGroups 5.0.0.Final has been released!

The new features are described in [1]. Below's a list of the major JIRAs:
  • this is the most important change in 5.0.0: it changes Message into an interface and allows for different implementations of Message
  • support for virtual threads (fibers). If the JDK (probably 16 and higher) supports virtual threads, then they can be enabled by setting use_fibers to true in the transport. This will effectively bypass the thread pool(s) and use virtual threads instead. See [2] for details.
  • FD_ALL3 is a more efficient failure detection protocol; counts messages received from P as heartbeats, and P suppresses heartbeats when sending messages. This should reduce traffic on the network
  • implementation of Random Early Drop (RED) protocol, which starts dropping messages on the send side when the queue becomes full. This prevents message storms (by unneeded retransmission requests when messages are not received) and/or blocking
  • new protocol SOS to captures vital stats and dump them to a file periodically
  • versioned configuration. Stacks won't start if the versions of JGroups and the configuration differ (not for micro versions). This prevents use of old/outdated configurations with a newer JGroups release
  • more efficient marshalling of classes. Reduces size of RPCs in RpcDispatcher
The documentation can be found at [3].

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