Wednesday, September 09, 2015

JGroups 3.6.6.Final released

I don't like releasing a week after I released 3.6.5, but the Infinispan team found 2 critical bugs in TCP_NIO2:
  • Messages would get corrupted as they were sent asynchronously and yet the buffer was reused and modified while the send was in transit (JGRP-1961)
  • TCP_NIO2 could start dropping messages because selection key registration was not thread safe: JGRP-1963
But bugs affect TCP_NIO2 only, and no other protocols.

So, there it is: 3.6.6.Final ! :-)

Enjoy (and find more bugs in TCP_NIO2) !


  1. There's a problem with the Sourceforge download page for 3.6.6 (previous releases work fine). It redirects to the main JGroups folder when attempting to download.

  2. Works for me: can you try directly ?

  3. Same problem here.
    Before no files where shown.
    Now the files are there but when you click in either 3 it goes to

  4. I tried the direct URL, still doesn't work. I get the following error in the top-right corner, in a red alert box: "The "/JGroups/3.6.6.Final..oups-3.6.6.Final.jar" file could not be found or is not available. Please select another file."

  5. I see... Unfortunately, I don't have access to my SF account right now. Can you try to download JGroups from maven central ?

  6. Actually, I just recovered my access and uploaded 3.6.6 again.
    Can you try now ?

  7. Super ! Glad to fix that...

  8. Yes, it works fine now!

  9. Hi Bela,
    We are using jGroups and it's been 9 years! we were caught into a couple of issues when the server hung during start up due to an issue with 'joining' cluster. So.. we are thinking either to upgrade jGroups or to replace it with something like Zookeeper. Your thoughts?

  10. I'm biased, but... upgrade to a more recent version, e.g. 3.6.6 :-)

    1. hahaha.. thank you.. So, if I upgrade from to 3.6.6, do you see any problems in doing that? Do I need a code change for my Distributed maps?

  11. There are some API changes. If you use ReplicatedHashmap, the changes should be minor though... It's a matter of trying it out, I guess.
    Questions -> mailing list

  12. Hello! what can i do with it ?

    31, 2015 2:05:12 PM org.jgroups.protocols.UDP setTimeToLive
    SEVERE: failed setting ip_ttl
    at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)

  13. Use IPv4 or switch to master (3.6.7)