Thursday, January 15, 2015

JGroups workshop

I'm happy to announce that I'm putting the finishing touches to a JGroups workshop [1].

It consists of 4 modules with labs:
  1. Using JGroups: API (beginner level, 1 day)
  2. Using JGroups: building blocks (beginner level, 1 day)
  3. Advanced (medium to advanced level, 2 days)
  4. Admin (medium level, 1 day)
The modules can be mixed and matched, but I think that a public workshop will present them in this order. Beginners may wish to attend only the first 2 days, while others may want to skip the first 2 days and only attend the Advanced and Admin parts.

We're also thinking about offering a consulting package which includes selected modules and a few consulting days. Also, a combined JDG and JGroups workshop is being discussed. But this is all up for discussion at our Berlin meeting this February.

The first workshop will probably be a Red Hat internal one somewhere in EMEA.

As for public workshops, I'm shooting for 2 in Europe and 2 in the US (East and West coast) this year.

If you have suggestions regarding locations and dates, please send me an email (belaban at yahoo dot com).

Registration is not yet open, but if you want to pre-register, send me an email and you'll get a notification when it opens. I promise that you won't get any marketing emails, and I'll delete that list after sending that one email... :-)


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