Friday, October 19, 2012

JGroups 3.2.0.Final released

I've released JGroups 3.2.0.Final, the most important features are:
  • RELAY2 
  • Internationalized logging
    •  The most important user-facing warnings and error messages (e.g. configuration errors) have been internationalized.
    • Error/warning translations are in If someone wants to translate these into a different language, e.g. French, just copy into and translate the messages. The new file now only needs to be added to the classpath, no changes to JGroups !
  • Reduction of error/warn messages
    • Sometimes there are a lot of recurring warnings or error messages, e.g. warnings about messages received from different clusters, or warnings about messages from members with different JGroups versions.
    • These can now be suppressed for a certain time, e.g. we can configure that there's only *one* warning every 60 seconds about messages from different clusters.
    • []

A full list of features and bug fixes is here.

The manual can be found at

Questions and feedback as usual on the mailing lists.

Enjoy !

Bela Ban
Kreuzlingen, Oct 2012

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