Sunday, April 01, 2012

JBoss World 2012

I'm going to be speaking at JBossWorld 2012 (June 29th) on session clustering in EAP 6 (JBoss 7.1.x):

The talk is a remake of the 2008 talk held by Brian Stansberry and me, and will show how clustering  performance has increased between JBoss 4 and 7. However, this is not all, I'll cover among other things:
  • Configuration of an EAP 6 cluster
  • Use of EAP 6 domains to start and stop JBoss instances in a cluster, to deploy applications across the entire cluster, and to disseminate configuration changes
  • Pros and cons of replication and distribution, and its effect on scalability and performance
  • Configuration and tuning of Infinispan and JGroups to achieve optimal performance
  • Setup of mod-cluster to dynamically add and remove JBoss instances and applications
  • Performance difference between EAP 5 and 6
I'll be in Boston Tuesday until Friday and hope to meet many users of JGroups/Infinispan/JBoss clustering, get feedback and experience reports on the good, bad and ugly, and in general have many good discussions !

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