Friday, April 01, 2011

JBossWorld 2011 around the corner

Wanted to let you know that I've got 2 talks at JBW (Boston, May 3-6).

The first talk [1] is about geographic failover of JBoss clusters. I'll show 2 clusters, one in NYC, the other one in ZRH. Both are completely independent and don't know about each other. However, they're bridged with a JGroups RELAY and therefore appear as if they were one big virtual cluster.

This can be used for geographic failover, but it could also be used for example to extend a private cloud with an external, public cloud without having to use a hardware VPN device.

As always with my talks, this will be demo'ed, so you know this isn't just vapor ware !

The second talk [2] discusses 5 different ways of running a JBoss cluster on EC2. I'll show 2 demos, one of which works only on EC2, the other works on all clouds.

This will be a fun week, followed by a week of biking in the Bay Area ! YEAH !!

Hope to see and meet many of you in Boston !




  1. Anonymous11:15 PM

    Hi Bela,
    Which JGroup version support Geographic Failover?
    Is it possible to use it in JBoss 4.2.2?
    Any code sample code test to get familiar with it?

  2. We haven't decided yet how to package this. The bits and pieces are in
    - JGroups 2.12: you'll need RELAY
    - Infinispan: I've got my changes in a fork of the 4.2.x branch, but they haven't made it into the master yet (we're working on this)
    - JBoss 6 (latest from SVN): a few minor changes

    The reason I needed Infinispan is that we used distribution (versus replication) and JBossCache (in JBoss < 6) doesn't provide distribution.

    If you simply want to bridge traffic between 2 sites, [1] discusses how to do it.