Friday, October 29, 2010

JGroups 2.11 final released

FYI, can be downloaded here. Its main features, optimizations and bug fixes are listed below.

I hope that 2.12 will be the last release before finally going to 3.0 !

2.12 should be very small, currently it contains only 8 issues (mainly optimizations).

However, I also moved RELAY from 3.x to 2.12.

RELAY allows for connecting geographically separate clusters into a large virtual cluster. This will be interesting to apps which need to provide geographic failover. More on this in the next couple of weeks...

Meanwhile ... enjoy 2.11 !

Bela, Vladimir & Richard

Release Notes JGroups 2.11

Version: $Id: ReleaseNotes-2.11.txt,v 1.2 2010/10/29 11:45:35 belaban Exp $
Author: Bela Ban

JGroups 2.11 is API-backwards compatible with previous versions (down to 2.2.7).

Below is a summary (with links to the detailed description) of the major new features.

New features

AUTH: pattern matching to prevent unauthorized joiners

New plugin for AUTH which can use pattern matching against regular expressions to prevent unauthorized
IP addresses to join a cluster.


DAISYCHAIN: implementation of daisy chaining

Daisy chaining sends messages around in a ring, improving throughput for non IP multicast networks.


New flow control protocols for unicast (UFC) and multicast (MFC) messages

MFC and UFC replace FC. They can be used independently, and performance is faster than that of FC only.

API for programmatic creation of channel

Allows for programmatic creation of a JChannel, no need for XML config file.


S3: new features
[] Allow use of public buckets (no credentials need to be sent)
[] Pre-signed URLs

STOMP: new protocol to allows STOMP clients to talk to a JGroups node



NAKACK: simplify and optimize handling of OOB messages

Discovery: reduce number of discovery responses sent in a large cluster

A new propery (max_rank) determines who will and who won't send discovery responses.

New timer implementations

Way more effecient implementations of the timer (TimeScheduler).

Bug fixes

ENCRYPT: encrypt entire message when length=0

ENCRYPT would not encrypt messages whose length = 0

FD_ALL: reduce number of messages sent on suspicion

FILE_PING: empty files stop discovery


The manual is online at

The complete list of features and bug fixes can be found at

Bela Ban, Kreuzlingen, Switzerland
Vladimir Blagojevic, Toronto, Canada
Richard Achmatowicz, Toronto, Canada

Nov 2010

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